About the Butterfly Centre

The Butterfly Centre is an early learning intervention centre located at Stanford Hills Estate. The main goal of The Butterfly Centre is to help young girls and boys who struggle to reach their full potential in a mainstream environment as they have certain barriers to learning. The wonderful team at The Butterfly Centre specializes in caring for such children (many of whom are undiagnosed) in an environment where they can not only receive proper individualized schooling and treatment but also thrive in a safe space.

Most of our students are unable to pay full fees, so fundraising is vital to continue to manage and grow the project. The children also benefit from the involvement of our wonderful volunteers and receive music, art and sports training. We have incredibly dedicated, passionate and skilled staff and are grateful for them every day. Our goal at the Centre is to graduate young men and women who are employable and, together with their families, are empowered to deal with their challenges. 

Where are we now?

We need to consider the long term future of the children as they grow into adulthood. The Centre has now found a permanent home at Stanford Hills Estate, helping to ensure viability and sustainability of the Centre looking to the future.  The lack of rental means it is possible for the Centre to become more self-sustainable in the future.

Due to incredible support we received from many (most notably Nussbaum Foundation, Lighthouse2Lighthouse and Build It) we have completed Phase One of the proposed building. Comprising 2 large classrooms, offices, bathrooms and a kitchenette, this building can accommodate a maximum of 16 students who attend Monday-Friday from 8am to 1pm.

Here on the farm, surrounded by nature and animals, the children will continue with their academic work but at the same time can receive real practical skills training as they grow older.  This will allow them to gain the necessary skills to be employable and productive adults living purposeful lives. 

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Thanks to each and every one of you, and there are so very many, who have helped and continue to help us make this dream come true. We can’t wait to watch the Butterfly Centre truly unfold its wings, and fly. Please contact us  with any questions, or to arrange to visit us!

Warm Regards and Blessings from all of us, but most especially, the beautiful Butterfly children.

Jami Kastner