The Butterfly Centre aims to create a space where children from all walks of life can have access to therapies, educational techniques and opportunities to help them fulfill their own full potential.

Welcome to the Butterfly Centre

About the Butterfly Centre

The Butterfly Centre is a centre for specialised learning which caters for children who do not fit into the mainstream environment for a variety of reasons.
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At the Centre these children , often previously marginalised, are given the opportunity to fulfil their own personal full potential. This takes a very one on one approach, combined with specialised learning techniques.
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Donate or volunteer

Most of our students are unable to pay full fees, so fundraising is vital to continue to manage and grow the project. The children also benefit from the involvement of our wonderful volunteers and receive music, art and sports training.
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The Magic Butterfly Tree Book

A labour of love such as the book illustrated and written by Lorraine Quinton does not come along often. It just shows how much love others have for the children. It will be available to read at The Butterfly Centre. ❤