Meet the Team

We have incredibly dedicated, passionate and skilled staff and are grateful for them every day. Our goal at the Centre is to graduate young men and women who are employable and, together with their families, are empowered to deal with their challenges. 

Jami Kastner

Jami Kastner is the founder and chairman of the Butterfly Centre, a registered NPO started in 2014. The oldest of her three sons, Jack, has Global Developmental Delay. The Kastner family searched high and low for answers and the right learning environment for their child, but failed to find the right fit. They could no longer watch his confidence erode as they tried to force him through the mainstream school system, and they knew that there must be other parents in a similar position. Now 13 years old, Jack is a student at the Centre. As with the other Butterfly children, the improvements in his learning capacity and general wellbeing have been remarkable.

A family tragedy in 2013 was the driving force behind the start of the Butterfly Centre. In order to honour the life of their youngest son Sam, lost that year in a drowning accident at only 18 months, they started the NPO. The Centre itself was started in a rented premises in Stanford with Jack and just one other boy. In the years since, they have successfully raised enough money to build a permanent home for the Butterfly Centre at Stanford Hills Estate, the Kastner farm just outside the village of Stanford.

Jami was named Overstrand Woman of the Year 2019 for her commitment to helping children who are “different” and her fight for inclusivity and opportunities for all. She is the author of a book entitled Sam and Me and the Hard Pear Tree, detailing her journey with special needs as well as her continued healing and search for meaning in the wake of Sam’s loss.

Sindy Furley

I am Sindy Furley, I was born and raised in Cape Town. I spent 6 years in the UK where I worked with Adults with Autism. In my return to South Africa, I worked as a special needs tutor taking a special interest in Alternative Communication. I ran my own preschool for special needs children for 5 years before I joined the Butterfly Centre. I love my kids and am very passionate about my work.

Ros Howlett

Ros Howlett is a teacher with 30 years experience in remedial teaching. She comes with a wealth of skills and specialises in curriculum development.

Vuyokazi Siza

My name is Vuyokazi Siza, I was born in Queenstown, at Ilinge. I came to Stanford in 2008 and I enjoyed staying here because I found Stanford as a peaceful place for a person like me. I have a good heart for people especially for the kids. My dream is to have my own salon just for the kids (KIDS BEAUTY). To look after the kids is very important to me.

Anchelle Damon

I am Anchelle Damon, born and raised in Stanford. I am 32 years old and I love this village. Community is everything to me. I love working with children and I have a passion for teaching. I am a netball and life coach and am absolutely crazy about it. My dream is to become either a Psychologist or a Social Worker, but also thinking in a line of physical development therapy.